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'I never feel like my goals are too unrealistic. 

Dani is always non judgemental whilst still holding you accountable for your own goals.'

What motivated you to take on my coaching services?

I have always had issues with my body since secondary school – from being overweight to feeling self-conscious and even becoming unhealthily obsessed with calories.  I was never confident in myself and always wanted to change that. This time I wanted to make a change to my lifestyle as a whole and begin enjoying exercise. 

I had trained with Dani previously and did amazingly well however I was not in the right headspace to maintain this. I couldn’t have imagined training with anyone else again so I got back in touch!

What have you enjoyed most during your time training with Danica?

I’ve enjoyed everything! I have found Dani lovely and we get on really well and have built up a great relationship. Dani picks up on aspects of exercise that I enjoy and tries to incorporate this into my goals. For example, I enjoy yoga and Dani has picked up on my flexibility and used it as an opportunity to try more technical moves during our sessions. 

What three things have you accomplished from your time coaching with Danica?

1 – I have lost about 23kgs!

2 – I am now doing some form of exercise most days of the week. 

3 – One goal was to wear a bikini this summer which is definitely going to happen!

Do you find the support content and weekly objective setting help you in achieving your goals?

I currently train with Dani twice every week and at the end of the week we will discuss and agree upon goals for the next week. I find Dani has a way of pushing you outside your comfort zone without forcing you to do something you really can’t manage. I never feel that my goals are too unrealistic. 

Dani is always non judgemental whilst still holding you accountable for your own goals. If I don’t meet the goals one week, I don’t need to feel extremely guilty or worried about being told off! Dani is a great listener and will respond very quickly to how you are feeling – if I am feeling really down or fatigued, Dani will amend our goals or work outs to compliment this. 

Do you have any additional comments or feedback?

When I began training with Dani again for the second time, I was really worried about being judged for not keeping the weight off! However Dani welcomed me back with open arms and only gives out positive energy. Dani does not make any assumptions when we are training – she took time to learn what foods/exercise I really like for the second time. Dani always makes sure I want to continue training with her and ensures I am always happy with the work out plan. Dani is also very realistic around goals and how they can be achieved – if we are working on cutting down weight with lowered calorie intake, Dani is always up front about how this may not be achievable or healthy longer term and why. I am always curious around why Dani has paired certain exercises together and she will ALWAYS give me time to explain why! I feel this helps prepare her clients for times where they will be training on their own. 

I wouldn’t train with ANYBODY ELSE!!!!!

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