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'I have accomplished a better relationship with food, I have accomplished how to use weights properly and I have gained confidence'

What motivated you to take on my coaching services?


I wanted to take on personal training as I felt I needed guidance on what to do in the gym and also nutrition to achieve healthy weight loss.

What have you enjoyed most during your time training with Danica?

I love Danica and love the fact that she is ALWAYS there for me no matter what time of day. She helps me achieve thing I would never have thought possible! Every single session spent with her I push myself and surprise myself. She is AMAZING!! 

What three things have you accomplished from your time coaching with Danica?

I have accomplished a better relationship with food, I have accomplished how to fully use weights properly and I have also gained confidence. 

Do you find the support content and weekly objective setting help you in achieving your goals?

I really do find the support content and weekly objectives help me so much as they keep me on track and keep me looking ahead and motivated. It helps me week on week to better myself and without them I would be lost!

Do you have any additional comments or feedback?

I think Danica is amazing and anyone who is lucky enough to be coached by her is so very lucky! She is a credit to the industry and has such a wealth of knowledge and experience. Danica is trustworthy, reliable and really knowledgable! I feel lucky to have her as a coach and friend!

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