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'I dance as a hobby and I would be struggling to breath after a run through which I now no longer have'.

What motivated you to take on my coaching services?


I had taken it upon myself at the start of 2021 to start eating better with the intentions of losing weight, which I did and I was so proud of how far I took myself. However, I stopped after a couple of months and 6 months later I realised that I needed to make changes again. I've always considered PT but never looked into it just because I didn't think I would stick to it. However, I came across Danica's page and thought what harm would I be doing by having a consultation to see what was actually included. Little did I know back in October that I would still be training with Danica and (somehow) loving it!!

What have you enjoyed most during your time training with Danica?

Its not all work, we have so many laughs throughout our PT sessions which makes it more enjoyable! I also love that I am able to text for advice or help whenever I need it. A lot of the time it's due to motivation and I just need that kick up the bum to get things done. Danica made sure that I sent her photos to prove it was done which is what I personally needed. She also likes to push up my weights on exercises and puts up with my moaning.

What three things have you accomplished from your time coaching with Danica?

  • Confidence! although I haven't gone clothes shopping to see if I give up in the changing room yet I am happy in my body. 

  • Motivation! I now go on a walk on my lunch break which I never used to do.

  • Stamina! I dance as a hobby and I would be struggling to breath after a run through which I now no longer have. I feel fit and healthy. I can also go on walks without it tiring me out.  

Do you find the support content and weekly objective setting help you in achieving your goals?


Yes! If I didn't have weekly check-ins or objectives to stick to I wouldn't be achieving anything. Even switching up of my workouts makes going to the gym fun!

Do you have any additional comments or feedback?

Sorry but you're not getting rid of me for a long time!

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