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Serves 4
488 calories
89g carbohydrates
18g protein
10g fat



4 large potatoes
1 Sheet of Nori vegetable seaweed
400g / 1 can of chickpeas
1 tsp. of salt
4-5 chopped spring onion
260g / 1 can of tinned sweetcorn
2 cloves of garlic, minced
4-5 tbsp. of vegan mayonnaise



1. Prepare the jackets by pricking each potato several times with a fork and placing in the oven for up to 60 minutes at 180 degrees / gas mark 4 or until a knife pierces through your jackets easily.
2. Next, prepare the tuna like filling. In a blender blitz the Nori until it resembles very fine flakes.
3. Add the chickpeas and salt and pulse blend in short bursts so as to still keep texture to the mix.
4. Remove the chickpea and nori blend to a bowl and add in the chopped spring onions, drained tinned sweetcorn, minced garlic and mayonnaise and combine to create your tuna-less jacket filling.
5. Remove the jackets from the oven and serve with a generous helping of the tuna mix and an optional crunchy summer salad. Delish!

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