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'I have become healthier and I have learned so much that I can continue to use going forward'.

What motivated you to take on my coaching services?


I was motivated to take up personal training because in my job as a train driver I'm very sedentary and I had been putting on the pounds and felt unhealthy in myself. I wanted to lose weight whilst making myself healthier and stronger. 

What have you enjoyed most during your time training with Danica?

The thing I've enjoyed most about my coaching is the 1-1 sessions which are great. I really enjoy spending time with Danica in the gym. She is a great coach and really pushes you to do your best whilst keeping it fun and enjoyable. I've also learned a lot about nutrition, workouts and muscles I had no idea about before.

What three things have you accomplished from your time coaching with Danica?

Three things I have accomplished is losing weight whilst also being taught not to get hung up so much on the scales. I've become healthier and have learned so much to use going forward.  

Do you find the support content and weekly objective setting help you in achieving your goals?

I have found the objectives to be great for setting a bar to reach. Whilst these need to be personalised to each individuals circumstances I found that Danica is very good at scaling this to be a challenge but also no where near impossible. If you put in the work you will see the results you want.

Do you have any additional comments or feedback?

I really enjoyed my time with Danica and my partner has now started with her as she wants to make some changes before our wedding. With the new enhancements that Danica has made with the website, recipes and online aspects of the check-ins and booking sessions, I'm sure it's become even more of a full package!

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