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'Being healthy has helped me achieve a really healthy way of looking at life now - my choices in general have improved by having more self confidence'

What motivated you to take on my coaching services?


I have always had problems with my weight. My family are quite big and I have always had to really focus to try and change my habits with food and the lifestyle I had growing up in general. I knew that if I could change and adapt then I would see a difference and I have without a doubt since coaching with Dani! I was even so motivated by my own development that I wanted to motivate my family too! 


What have you enjoyed most during your time training with Danica?

Dani and I have been training for over 3 years now, probably feels longer to Dani! I love training with Dani, she is a great personal trainer; she knows me, knows my strengths, weaknesses, and will always push me. We have become great friends, so I couldn’t be happier. My training has had its ups and downs with life getting in the way but Dani has always been flexible, understanding and had my best interests at heart which is so rare to find with any coach. 

What three things have you accomplished from your time coaching with Danica?

Self discipline.... I mean yes this will always need development, what I mean by self discipline, is being able to have a takeaway knowing that I'm able to get back on the “health train" afterwards. I didn’t have that moderation before. Physically I am feeling so much healthier and I am seeing the difference in my legs, and tummy . My arms are getting definition which is amazing. Finally my mental health has improved. Being healthy has helped me achieve a really healthy way of looking at life now - my choices in general have improved by having more self confidence ... which still needs improving as I am told regularly by Dani! 

Do you find the support content and weekly objective setting help you in achieving your goals?

Yes they do 100% they do exactly what it says on the tin; Gives me accountability. I have no-one else to put blame on if I have not completed the tasks that I needed to complete. It also gives you a real sense of what you have achieved. 

Do you have any additional comments or feedback?

If you are looking for a personal trainer that has your best interests at heart, wants you to succeed, puts a plan in place for your progression and takes your aims and goals seriously, then thats Dani. She is dedicated to her clients, her work ethic is outstanding. You will never be judged by how you look or what you want to achieve. That is not what a personal trainer does. Dani is the best in her field and has so much knowledge. I have refused and will refuse to go any where else for my personal training! 

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